We are here and ready to take you along with us on this great adventure through the pages of Spearing Magazine. What better time to revisit the primitive, unbridled simplicity of hunting underwater? Team Spearing Magazine aspires to provide an incredible interactive experience to every member of the dive community: the backyard shore divers, the sponsored divers, the weekend warriors, the fresh and saltwater divers. Whether on a boat, from the beach, off a dock, or from a kayak or paddleboard, Spearing Magazine will appeal to the “everyman” diver.


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How to tune a speargun Flopper

How to tune a speargun Flopper

  How to tune a speargun flopper - Spearing Magazine By far the most unknown and also most important piece of gear on a speargun is the flopper. All too often I run into people who buy shafts and just have no idea that the flopper, or barb, should not just open and...

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