10 years is quite the milestone in any print publication, but especially for a spearing publication. As other magazines shrink page count, paper weight and distribution we have been fortunate to do the exact opposite.  I think the largest reason for that is from day one we decided to make a magazine that was designed, laid out and focused on what’s truly important in our sport.

The people who do it and the memories made from it.

The reality is, ALL people who spearfish can think back fondly on various trips, and the best memories of those always seem to circle back to those we chose to dive with. The jokes we’ve made, the big fish landed or missed and the meals we’ve shared.

As John Paul Castro once so eloquently wrote, It’s Not About The Fish. Clearly the fish plays an important role in our sport, but how fulfilling is that fish if no one is there to share in that moment?

It’s the people whom we have the opportunity to dive with that make landing that fish fulfilling. It’s the high fives, the backup shots and fist bumps that make it all come together. It’s the people we choose to dive with that  turn a dive trip into a story told over and over. You see, we typically don’t really take the dangers of our sport as serious as we should. We CHOOSE to dive, holding our breath, to 40-60-100ft or more, AND THEN, typically TRY to drag a fish to the surface that is doing everything in its power to drown us. All the while keeping an eye out for sharks, not blacking out and surviving for the next dive.


The ONE thing that makes all this somewhat sane, is our dive partners. It’s rarely spoken about but it’s true. Our lives are in their hands in many cases and it’s their job to have our back and make sure we get home with all those memories. It’s not common in sports or hobbies to literally trust the others participating to save one’s life. Because of that bond the camaraderie in spearfishing is unlike any other sport, and that is what we strive to capture in each issue. Each of the following covers shown are some of my favorites, the design work is amazing, the education content on point, but like our sport, these issues raised the bar one notch higher because of the people involved, not because of the fish.

Thanks for being a part of our anniversary and cheers to another 10 years.