Abellan Speargun Review- Spearing Magazine

speargun review- Abellan spearguns. 14 years ago in Spain, Victor Abellan was introduced to the sport of spearfishing. Locally almost all fishing was done in caves, at short range. The guns were smaller as neither aguatto or aspetto techniques had been adopted. Victor moved to Balearic Island where the water was clear and the fish, very smart. Many lost prey from distance or belly shots left Victor searching.

About Abellan

In 2001 Victor started studying ballistics and designed his first gun. His model was modeled for performance and not for mass production. Like most builders he created it for himself, then his friends, until he realized what he created would be desired by spearfisherman near and far.

The gun

The first model was a 110cm band stretch gun, albeit somewhat modest. All of Victor Abellan’s guns have 2-3cm more band stretch than the stated model name which is even more deceiving when you consider the overall length. The Abellan 120 has 122cm of band stretch in a gun that has a total length of 137cm. That’s 53.9 inches for you honkies or slightly shorter than a 110cm railgun. The compact size comes from the unique metal muzzle that wraps the bands; saving inches of unnecessary wood that would otherwise hold the gun together


To just say it’s more compact than most wood guns would be just comparing apples to apples. The Abellan is not just smaller than almost all guns in its class, it is also more powerful. It starts with the same amount of force as any other 2 band gun. The difference in design creates an efficiency that is unmatched. The unique groove behind the muzzle allows the power bands to instantly lift to horizontal with the spear shaft. The perfect in-line action of the bands means not only more forward power but less drag on the shaft; as it is not being pulled as hard against the track.

The handle

The handle design is a marvel all on its own. The grip is similarly modeled from an Olympic style pistol grip, which gives a long surface area for the palm to gain leverage; making turning the gun much easier. The elevated thumb groove allows the weakest side of the hand to control recoil and assist in eliminating muzzle jump. The elevated rear end raises the handle to within an inch of the shaft track, nearly eliminating the guns upward recoil altogether. Less recoil means more power goes into the shaft.

The trigger

The reverse trigger mechanism allows the system to maximize band stretch but that’s not all it does. The trigger of the Abellan mechanism is 3/8” wide creating a larger contact for the spear and also spreading the force of the trigger pull across a larger area of the finger. The Abellan trigger is one of the smoothest trigger pulls you will ever feel on a speargun.

The wide CNC cut body also helps resist the guns ability to jump upward during the shot. The width helps keep the mass while keeping the vertical cross section small enough to swing the gun effortlessly through the water. The 120cm model can shoot up to a 150cm by 8mm shaft giving it an incredible 6-meter (19.6 ft.) penetrating range. There are very few 2 band guns in the world that are as compact as the Abellan and can provide the same power down range.

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