AlexReynaudA Sea Sniper sponsored diver.
California, no not palm trees and Hollywood, I am talking about Northern California, where divers are molded and defined from the cold unforgivable dark waters of the Red Triangle. I am originally from Santa Rosa but started my freediving  and spearfishing journey while living in the Central Valley. People always ask, “how did you get into diving when you live in the Valley?”, but to me it makes perfect sense as it is only a quick 3 to 4 hour drive to some of the best diving California has to offer. Honestly, I simply love the ocean and fell in love with freediving and spearfishing immediately. Part of my journey is unique though, as I met some amazing people who provided me with a phenomenal level of mentoring for tournament spearfishing. Through their mentorship and some serious commitment, I have competed in 3 U.S. Nationals and represented the USA in the 2014 World Spearfishing Championships (Peru). Dive Hard, Dive Safe and of course, read Spearing Magazine!