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Reel or Float? Why not both?

By John Paul Castro You need not be involved in spearfishing for more than 10 minutes to find out there are two groups of hunters: those who use gun reels and those who use float lines.  When I started, just like everyone else, I sought out knowledge from every outlet I could. Every person had a different reason for what they chose. The reel gives the diver the most freedom, the float line the highest feeling of safety. The reel can be useful when many divers are present or when there are obstacles in the water, whereas the float...

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The Value of local Spearfishing and Freediving shops

by Richard Meredith There are myriad reasons why we should be buying as much as we can from local freediving and spearfishing shops. The idea of having a place to go to touch, see and try on all the latest wetsuits, spearguns, gear and ideas in our sport appeals to all of us. Everyone likes to save as much money as they can on purchases too, right? We all want the Nordstrom service at the Walmart price.  Well, all the reasons we want to have a local shop never quite seem to outweigh what our pocketbook tells us is...

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