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Pull Downs

By Ted Harty Competitive freedivers and spearfishermen both operate in the same environment. Both groups, in essence, hold their breath underwater. Competitive freedivers are good at diving very deep and staying down a very long time. Spearfishermen dive underwater to put fish on their plate, as opposed to buying it at the store. Is spearfishing the same as competitive freediving? No, but as a spearfishermen, you should be extremely interested in how we do what we do, learn the methods we use, steal them, and apply them to your spearfishing. There is one thing that almost every single freediving...

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A Dash of Technology

By Jeromy Gamble When guys consider items or gear that help improve their spearfishing, items like guns, fins and masks are the most highly discussed. Everyone is looking for that little edge from their gear to help them find and land more and larger fish on a consistent basis. One item that is overlooked 99% of the time is actually the one thing guiding you to where you intend to dive. Marine electronics. Chart plotters and sonars have come a long way in a very short time and can be used as one of the best tools to help...

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Letter to The Editor

Words by Chris Chaput Alright my faithful handful. Have I written that before? Probably but even Hemingway repeated himself. That’s a true fact I just made up. And that’s a line I plagiarized from Daniel Tosh. Wow, off to a good start. But, here we go anyway. This issue I wanted to give you a little behind the scenes look at the emails that are sent to Jeromy Gamble, the owner of Spearing Magazine and my world class editor (and sister) Nicole Chaput, when I finish an installment of “With A Grain of Salt Water”. I’m guessing you’ll start...

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