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You’re 60 miles offshore, hitting your favorite spots, shooting fish, and having a great time. You take a break around lunch to hydrate and get some food in your system to finish the day out strong. Spirits among the crew are high as you discuss where to head to next. The decision is made and you turn the key or hit the start button and…click. Now what? Typically a situation like this would suck. Extremely bad. Best case, you have Boat US or SeaTow and they can get to you within a few sweltering hours. Worst case, the batteries...

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Practice to achieve proficiency

Rantings of a life-long trainer Let’s face it, being a competent and confident diver is (or should be) important to us. We want to have the skill sets, the abilities and the experiences that go with all of these, right? I started spearfishing when an entry level pole spear was a wooden dowel and surgical tubing….ok, maybe not that long ago, but that is what I could afford. Life came along. Jobs, family, more jobs and more family and the next thing you know its many years later. Some of you reading this are nodding your head, others are...

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By Andrew Miller and Eric Keener My first time spearfishing unfolded the same way a lot of firsts seem to: wide-eyed, eager and woefully under-lubricated. I pushed out of my comfort zone and surrendered to the unknown. In this case, that unknown was the murky, green, 53-degree water of Pacific Grove, California, and the supposedly tasty things that live within it. I say “supposedly” tasty because until that point, I had hardly ever handled—let alone cooked—a fish. Sure, I’d seen a few videos about how to take off a fillet. I’d even watched my friend do it in our...

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De Los Pistoleros – Petar Pan Inverted Roller

Spearguns have slowly advanced in technology. Starting from wood sticks with surgical rubber attached to one end and a sharpened rod of metal and ending up today with pieces of artwork made from carbon fiber and multiple laminates of exotic wood. But, when it comes to speargun technology, you really can’t get more innovative and current than the inverted roller gun.  Six 20mm bands connected through pulls under the belly of the beast leading to a fully tuned and hardened 8.5mm plus shaft.  The theory behind the inverted roller is simple. Get the most band stretch possible out of...

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On the Horizon 12.3

BRINY Cloak Camo™ Algae Waterman Rash Guard Introducing the newest edition to the CloakCamo™ lineup, the Algae Edition Waterman Rash Guard. A new species of subsurface camouflage, the Cloak™ camouflage is inspired from years of studying how marine species blend into the environment through atmospheric perspective. Pair with the matching Cloak™ dive pants for a versatile two-piece ultra comfortable tropical dive or surf suit. The Algae edition is ideally suited for inshore spearing and diving near underwater growth or on reefs. FEATURES: Made in the USA Neo-Flex 4 Way Stretch Micro Fabric Moister Wicking Cooling Properties UPF + 50 UV Protection Cloak™ Camouflage...

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