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Safe spearfishing Practices = More Fish in the Cooler.

I’ve been encouraging spearos to dive safer since 2009. Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of arguments against safe freediving practices. Let’s list a few. You can’t hunt in buddy teams. The buddy would scare the fish. This is my area and all these fish belong to me. I know my limits and don’t push myself. The buddy would spook the fish. Having a buddy would cause more problems than diving by myself. I’ve been diving this way for 20 years and never had a problem. The other guys that diving unsafely, not I. I come up at my first contraction. I stay on the surface twice as long as my bottom time. I’m in tune with my body and don’t push it. Ninety percent of blackouts happen at the surface. The diver surfaces. Maybe he/she looks 100% fine, takes 2-3 breaths, and then blacks out. A person having a blackout will not yell, wave his or her hands and ask for help. Once the diver blacks out, his or her face will fall into the water. If the person is over-weighted, which is common among spearos, the diver will then sink to the bottom of the ocean. Not good. If you came up from a dive, took 2-3 breaths and started to blackout and sink to the bottom of the ocean, what would happen? Is your buddy...

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Make Foggy Masks a Thing of the Past

I remember going scuba diving after I finished my certification course back in 2005. I was diving with Dive Duck Key in Marathon, Florida. I could hardly see anything and had all sorts of problems on the dive. My mask was constantly fogging. My solution was to take the mask completely off underwater and put it back on; in essence, rinsing my mask. This became annoying, so I then decided to keep my mask 1/3 full of water the entire dive. I would just slosh the water around my mask while I dove. I was pretty proud of my solution. After the dive, I was on the boat talking to one of the staff members, Wendy (who later become my boss), about my predicament. She was not impressed with my solution to fix my foggy mask. She asked me if I ever cleaned my mask and I told her, “Yes. I put defog in the mask before the dive.” That was when I first learned the difference between cleaning a mask and defogging a mask. When you buy a new mask from the dive shop, it will have a film on the inside of the mask. Until you remove that film, you will always have problems with a foggy mask. To remove the film on the inside, get an abrasive cleaner. The cleaning product Soft Scrub works very well....

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Junior Waterman – 7.4

Words by Cole Cervantes Ever since I was little, about six or seven, my dad would tell me spearfishing stories from back when he used to live and spearfish in Puerto Rico. Since then I wanted to try spearfishing, so finally when I was nine years old, I was able to buy a little gun (JBL Mini Carbine.) With that little 30-inch gun, I shot my first fish which was a bar jack that weighed no more than one pound. I was hooked on the sport and will be for the rest of my life. Soon, that little gun got old and I got my first Riffe to shoot real fish. Since I got that first Riffe, I have purchased three more and plan to stick with their products because of the amazing quality and strength. My brother and I go spearfishing here in Southern California just about every weekend and create great memories that I will never forget. Two summers ago my family went to Palapas Ventana in La Paz on our first bluewater trip, and that is where I had my best day on the water; I shot 7 dorado in one day! My favorite fish to shoot locally in SoCal are sheepshead, all species of bass, white seabass, halibut, and yellowtail. My favorite fish to shoot outside of California are grouper, snapper, hogfish, and all species...

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Epic Kingfish story

A Kingfish Story Words by David Fielding and Justin Baker As Justin “Sleepy” Williams and I stand in the boat ramp parking lot impatiently awaiting the arrival of the consistently 15-minute-late Justin Baker, I can’t help but wonder what the day of freedive spearfishing will bring. After a three-month hiatus away from my beloved mother ocean, I have an itchy trigger finger and dwindling fish supply. The dense fog, cool west breeze, and the surprisingly pleasant smell of an old two-stroke being warmed up in the neighboring boat ramp further increase my excitement. Finally, 20 minutes late and disheveled as usual, Baker arrives with a truck bed full of loose gear including a tangled mess of float lines, wetsuits, and extra shafts. Smiling ear to ear and always stoked, you can’t be mad at the guy. What he lacks in organizational skills, he makes up for in the water; Baker is a true waterman. After getting reports that the viz was hit or miss out in 60-90 feet, we decided to consult the local salty dogs in the old two-stroke about our plan of attack. Earl, hollow eyed, reeking of alcohol, and showing off his last four teeth, surprisingly seems to be a credible source. He claims that the first three reefs off Vero Beach were clear yesterday. That is exactly what I needed to hear! Having grown up...

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Jade King: Why do you love spearfishing

Words by Jade King If someone asked me, “Why do you love spearfishing?” I wouldn’t be able to answer with one word. I started diving after a near fatal accident while participating in a former sport I had competed in for 7 years. Diving opened a whole new world to me that I never knew was there. I loved it there was nothing else I wanted to do; until someone handed me a spear gun. I started shooting lionfish and realized I needed more excitement than that. A friend gave me an old JBL spear gun and I shot my first hogfish. Right then I knew this is what I wanted to do. Pulling the trigger for the first time gave me a rush of adrenaline I had never felt before. After a while I wanted more than that. So, I went on Paul Varian’s boat because my dad knew him personally from a long time ago. I really didn’t know how serious this sport was until I talked to some of his customers, I was so amazed by their stories that I wanted to learn and get better. So I started diving off Paul’s boat more often and realized it was time to get a better gun so I got an AB Biller. That gun shot my first grouper and other species besides hogfish. I also realized that...

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