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My New Freediving Mission

I want to teach more people how to Freedive safety than any other person on the planet. There I said it. Last year at the Blue Wild expo around midnight of the first night, Chris Bustad PFI Instructor Trainer said, what are your goals for Immersion?   I thought for a second and realized I had none. Immersion was rocking and rolling. So I sat there for a bit with I’m sure a dumb look on my face for a bit and eventually said, “I want spearfisherman to stop killing themselves.” It is so frustrating to keep reading about...

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The Snub

There comes a time in every man’s life where he needs to drop his need to be the best. Drop his competitive nature, let go of his pride, step aside, and let the next generation shine. And I think I more than proved in my “Changing of the Guard” article that I know when that time is. I think you will find that I prove it again with this story. So here goes. On the last morning of our “friendly” DVH tournament a few years back, my pal Alex Reynaud strode calmly down the beach at sunrise though the...

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De Los Pistelerio – Jake Ramey Tuna Gun

By Jake Ramey 65-inch teak Ramey Customs Tuna Gun 11/32” Shaft – necked down to 5/16” with Mori slip tip Enclosed hybrid (wood and composite) track Band slot to accommodate four 5/8” power bands Two sets of muzzle ferrules for the option to ramp up to six 5/8” bands It wasn’t until about a month, before I was slated to leave for Panama, that I was able to talk myself into building dedicated tuna guns. Most custom builders will tell you that 30 days is not nearly enough time to complete a build, let alone cure the blank properly,...

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De Los Pistelerio – Gill Gun

Words by Chris Okamoto The surest way to start a fight with a group of spearos is to step into a crowded room and ask them, “hey what’s the best speargun?” If you should be brave enough to ask that then as soon as the last word leaves your lips you probably want to dive for cover while covering your genitals (and any other susceptible area that is prone to injury by your peers) as no one will agree on this. For sure there are special guns for special situations.  I love my Mori 65” enclosed teak for big...

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Protect your investment with a Coastline Boatlift Cover

The majority of spearfishermen have a legitimate amount of money tied up in spearfishing equipment, but on average the largest investment is your boat. We spend hours each season doing maintenance, washing and waxing after each trip and keeping our vessels up to snuff for those long runs offshore. No matter how stedfast we are trying to keep them in tip top shape, the harsh summer sun, salt and elements battle against us the entire way. As always we love introducing our readers to new and innovative products and this segment is no different. After a few months of...

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