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Grilled Mahi and Mango Pico de Gallo Nachos

Harvesting Nature Justin Townsend Editor-in-Chief   Recipe Name: Grilled Mahi and Mango Pico de Gallo Nachos Serving Size: 3-4 people Time to make: 45 minutes Special Equipment: Grill, 2 baking trays Also works with: Any firm flaky fish Mahi-mahi is such a delicious fish. The flavor ranks in the top 5 favorite fish for me. I have caught and eaten mahi from both coasts and from the Caribbean seas as well. The flavor never disappoints. I find the meat to be lean with a firm texture and an almost sweet taste. Grilling is the perfect method to prepare...

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Ryan Huff and the September 28, 2019 California Lobster Season Opener

The following information has been drafted on behalf of Diane Huff, Ryan’s dive partners, and the OC Spearos Dive Club. The goal of this information is to bring awareness to the dive community, prevent future accidents, and honor the memory of Ryan Huff. The comments made in this article are not an official statement by any regulating body within the dive community. The narrative is my personal understanding of what transpired or may have transpired on September 28, 2019. Please take these words to heart as they could save your life, or the life of someone you love dearly....

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Lest anyone think I am scraping the bottom of the barrel (which I absolutely am but it’s understandable considering the fact it’s where I always have, always will, and currently reside); I feel it must be stated that this story is second hand but some stories with valuable lessons are too good not to tell, especially lessons in humility. I bet by now that all my faithful wish they had a nickel for every time I have mentioned Baja. Might as well start saving them beginning now, as this will not be the last time I talk about that...

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I could start this article with #DAMSUX, end it there, and that would be enough for most of the people who know Dam Nguyen but some of you wouldn’t and then you would be robbed of knowing how it damn sucks to not be Dam “Lucky” Nguyen. But, first, four long-winded and completely unnecessary (okay, necessary) paragraphs about how I met the skinny f**cker. The love/hate relationship (hate only out of jealousy over his amazing feats) started on the north coast of California during an abalone trip. A group of us “Nor-Cal” guys were meeting up with divers from Southern California for “Rock Star Ab Weekend”, a yearly trip sponsored by some gazillionaire...

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Rugged Geek

You’re 60 miles offshore, hitting your favorite spots, shooting fish, and having a great time. You take a break around lunch to hydrate and get some food in your system to finish the day out strong. Spirits among the crew are high as you discuss where to head to next. The decision is made and you turn the key or hit the start button and…click. Now what? Typically a situation like this would suck. Extremely bad. Best case, you have Boat US or SeaTow and they can get to you within a few sweltering hours. Worst case, the batteries...

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