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Gear Review: KOAH Spear Kaddy

This piece of equipment really got my attention over a year ago as master gun builder John Ippolito detailed his plan to build an all in one “Gun rack” that could hold four guns, both reef and blue-water, four sets of fins, gloves four masks, as well as, multiple spare shafts. I’ll be honest, as John continued to pile equipment to the list of what this “idea” for a gun rack would hold, I had my doubts. Lets be real, thats a ton of gear and he wanted to make it light AND totally removable. I had high hopes;...

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The story of my worst nightmare coming true

My name is Jonathan Hernandez. I am the private captain of a large center console boat. On June 12th I started a trip in Clearwater, Fl.  that would take us to Boca Grande, Key West, Fort Lauderdale, and finally to the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. On the 13th, the boys dove all day on our way down to Boca Grande. We had planned to tarpon fish the following morning, but after hearing that the tarpon bite had been off we decided to head to Key West a day early and continue diving. The next morning we loaded up...

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Common equalization mistakes and how to avoid them

Equalization issues are one of the most frustrating problems in spearfishing and freediving. If you can’t equalize your ears or sinus, you are stuck on the boat. 

 Proper hydration will help make your ears easier to equalize. Being dehydrated causes your Eustachian tubes to be sticky and more likely to lock up. Proper hydration is not drinking a big jug of water just after you put your wetsuit on. Proper hydration starts the night before and continues until your dive session. If you are adequately hydrated your pee will have barely any yellow in it, and yes I...

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My New Freediving Mission

I want to teach more people how to Freedive safety than any other person on the planet. There I said it. Last year at the Blue Wild expo around midnight of the first night, Chris Bustad PFI Instructor Trainer said, what are your goals for Immersion?   I thought for a second and realized I had none. Immersion was rocking and rolling. So I sat there for a bit with I’m sure a dumb look on my face for a bit and eventually said, “I want spearfisherman to stop killing themselves.” It is so frustrating to keep reading about...

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The Snub

There comes a time in every man’s life where he needs to drop his need to be the best. Drop his competitive nature, let go of his pride, step aside, and let the next generation shine. And I think I more than proved in my “Changing of the Guard” article that I know when that time is. I think you will find that I prove it again with this story. So here goes. On the last morning of our “friendly” DVH tournament a few years back, my pal Alex Reynaud strode calmly down the beach at sunrise though the...

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