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New Spearfishing Products – Spearing Magazine V12.1

BRINY CLOAK™ RashGuard Introducing a new species of camouflage, the Briny Cloak™ waterman’s rashguard. This rashguard features an ultra comfortable micro neo-flex fabric with cooling properties. The unique Cloak™ camouflage is inspired from years of studying how marine species blend into the environment through atmospheric perspective. Pair with the matching Cloak™ dive pants for a versatile two-piece tropical dive or surf suit. FEATURES: Made in the USA Neo-Flex 4 Way Stretch Micro Fabric Moisture Wicking Cooling Properties UPF + 50 UV Protection Cloak™ Camouflage Anti-Stain Properties BARRICADE™ Tactical Hoodie  The BRINY Barricade™ Tactical Hoodie is a champ among full coverage shirts. This tactical waterman’s shirt features UPF + 50 advanced moisture wicking micro fabric, in addition to a built in hoodie and neck gaiter. Engineered for extreme marine environments, once you put on this solar armor you can forget about the sun and focus on battling the beasts of the sea. FEATURES: Built-in Hoodie Integrated Neck Gaiter UPF +50 Micro Fabric Moisture Wicking Anti-Stain     SPEARED APPAREL Speared Boardshorts – Blue Camo – Seafoam Green These boardshorts feature the right quality and stretch to match the standards of our brand. These boardshorts are perfect for spearing in the warm waters or just to hang out! Right leg pocket, zippered. Super stretchy Velcro closure on the fly area   Speared Hooded Rashguard Tired of the same old stuff being offered by the others? We’ve spent a while developing this rashguard for...

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F*cking Slip-Tips

It’s strange, the things we latch onto. Hockey. That’s the sport I latched onto. Normally not the sport of a typical born and raised California boy. But in my defence (yes that’s the Canadian spelling for defense) I was born in Seattle. And although I only lived there for five minutes before I moved to Cali and I didn’t start watching hockey until I was in my mid-twenties, that’s what I latched on to. And boy, what a great thing to latch onto. But we’re not here to talk about hockey. We’re here to talk about slip-tips. I just...

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Pull Downs

By Ted Harty Competitive freedivers and spearfishermen both operate in the same environment. Both groups, in essence, hold their breath underwater. Competitive freedivers are good at diving very deep and staying down a very long time. Spearfishermen dive underwater to put fish on their plate, as opposed to buying it at the store. Is spearfishing the same as competitive freediving? No, but as a spearfishermen, you should be extremely interested in how we do what we do, learn the methods we use, steal them, and apply them to your spearfishing. There is one thing that almost every single freediving...

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