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The penalty for a mistake in freediving is too severe to ignore

Freedive Spearfishing Safety – Spearing Magazine I got a phone call recently from a past student, Mack Matos.  He shared the story of how he recently saved his son from a blackout while spearfishing in the Bahamas.  His son was struggling to pull out a grouper around 65ft and on the way up he asked for help.  The father dove down, grabbed him around 20ft and took him to the surface. The son blacked out on the way to the surface. There were some complications involved on the surface.  His son was using a belt reel which was attached...

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Speargun Review – Abellan 120cm

Abellan Speargun Review- Spearing Magazine speargun review- Abellan spearguns. 14 years ago in Spain, Victor Abellan was introduced to the sport of spearfishing. Locally almost all fishing was done in caves, at short range. The guns were smaller as neither aguatto or aspetto techniques had been adopted. Victor moved to Balearic Island where the water was clear and the fish, very smart. Many lost prey from distance or belly shots left Victor searching. About Abellan In 2001 Victor started studying ballistics and designed his first gun. His model was modeled for performance and not for mass production. Like most...

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New Spearfishing Products – Spearing Magazine V11.3

E-SeaRider E-SeaRider, makers of the original marine-grade bean bag now offer several NEW options with the same quality you’ve enjoyed for years. Screen-printing Embossing Carbon Fiber Vinyl E-SeaRider now offers same-day shipping for in-stock bean bags   Fishbags Rep your brand in style with custom printed, insulated fish bags. The new “Wahoo” size from will keep those XL full moon ono’s in top sushi grade! Easy to carry, extremely sturdy, and holds ice for 3 days. Available in plain white or custom printed options available.   GATKU 3pc Travel-Friendly EIGHT’ER Performance and durability that fit....

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World Record Cubera Snapper – Spearing Magazine

Fish of a lifetime Sipping some morning coffee and  talking to my girlfriend on the phone I said, “babe, I’m going to spear a world record fish today.” I had planned my day to go spearfishing in hopes of spearing a world record fish which has been a dream of mine for years, so I departed on a spearfishing trip with my dad and a good friend to hunt for a world record. The day started off with spearing some hogfish and snapper for dinner and grouper to pay for gas. It was around 2pm, I was off the coast...

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