Love them or hate them at some point you are going to need one to continue diving as water temperatures cool.

In this issue we had the opportunity to run the BleuTec Mimetic Pro, distributed by Maverick-America, through its paces over the winter.

When it comes to wetsuits the first two focal points are construction and fit. I don’t care if a suit is made of hot bubble gum. If the fit is wrong or the size is off you will be miserable in it. A suit top that is even slightly too small can easily restrict the volume of air you can take in by limiting the ability of the chest to expand. Tight bottoms can lead to leg and foot cramping, as well as fatigue.

Obviously, when spending money on any quality product you want it to last a long period of time. Every suit has a shelf life but some last less than others. The types of materials used, the manufacturing process, and attention to details will allow a wetsuit to perform for years versus one season.

In this case, the BleuTec Mimetic Pro is marketed as one of the top spearfishing wetsuits available in the USA and measures up to the hype and checks the boxes for quality.

The first thing we noticed is the suit is extremely comfortable. The BleuTec suit follows the trend of a lined outer layer over a stretchy closed cell (non-lined) interior. Multiple panels are utilized in construction of the suit to aid in flexibility and dexterity. It’s always clear when a suit manufacturer understands the needs of spearfishermen when designing the physical pattern for a suit; clearly, the team at BleuTec does. Utilizing a hand-stitch-and-glue process, the craftsmanship is high above average.

As many of you know, I’m not a big believer in camouflage for actually helping in any way while hunting underwater. Fish have lateral lines and can tell we are in their midst with their eyes closed. With that said, IF camo makes you feel more stealthy, then use it. Your disposition underwater plays a huge role in how the fish perceive you. The camo on the BleuTec suit is cool, current, and blends well with many types of bottom.

Quality neoprene is key to a comfortable and warm suit. The BleuTec suit utilizes Heiwa neoprene, which is one of the top materials currently being used in wetsuit construction. Known for its flexibility, durability and lack of crush at depth, the 3mm BleuTec suit kept us warm and comfy down to temperatures of 64 degrees, which was the coldest we had the opportunity to dive.

In our professional opinion the overall construction and fit of the BleuTec suit is among the top tier of the suits currently available in the industry.