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Aaron Young Spearfishing

Born and raised in Florida, Moved to key west in 2013 to follow my dream of owning and running my own spearfishing charter. I like rum because it makes me feel like a pirate. Captain Aaron Young Owner Operator Dibs On Bottom...

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Kyle Howard spearfishing

Im a navy brat who’s lived all over and grown up fishing the areas around Charleston, Corpus Christi, Mississippi and now Louisiana. Whether it was inshore, offshore or in the lakes I’ve always had a passion for the water. I can...

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Jessie Cripps

I grew up in Cronulla, Australia a beautiful beachside suburb of Sydney surrounded by one of the cleanest water ways and beaches in Sydney. I took my first steps on our family boat and the first solid food I ate was mud crab....

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Forrest Galante

Forrest Galante is an international wildlife adventurer and conservationist who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of amazing animal encounters and previously unaccomplished expeditions, typically below the surface. Growing...

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Daniel Ash

I am a saltwater addict, a father, and an active duty member of the United States Coast Guard. As a child, I had the unique opportunity to sail throughout Florida, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico with my family. During those years,...

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Brandon Verdura

Brandon is a 23-year-old spearfisherman, photographer, and Coast Guard helicopter rescue swimmer living out his dream in St. Petersburg, Florida. He developed a passion for the water and spearfishing at a young age, learning how...

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Angie Anderson – spearfishing

I was born and raised on the Florida Gulf Coast, the daughter of two fish-heads who taught me to swim before walking. I started spearfishing around the age of ten with a Pole Spear; naturally, I was hooked. I soon graduated to...

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A Sea Sniper sponsored diver. California, no not palm trees and Hollywood, I am talking about Northern California, where divers are molded and defined from the cold unforgivable dark waters of the Red Triangle. I am originally...

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I am a 32-year-old Fort Pierce born and living, Florida native who has been spearfishing for roughly eight years. I got into the sport the summer that I gave up the playboy/party lifestyle for good; I had to find something to do...

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Ryan Myers – spearfishing

Ryan Myers was born in Palm Beach, Florida and began fishing and diving at an early age. He has dedicated his last few years to freedive and spearfishing training. He travels the world learning from those better than himself and...

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