Forrest Galante is an international wildlife adventurer and conservationist who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of amazing animal encounters and previously unaccomplished expeditions, typically below the surface.

Growing up in Harare, Zimbabwe Forrest spent his time discovering the depths of the African bush. He wrangled snakes, trapped mammals, snorkeled in muddy dams and explored remote islands of the Mozambique archipelago looking for untouched reefs. After moving to California, Forrest graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Biology, his dive master certification and his 100ton ship captain license.

As an expert in the outdoors with a special emphasis in primitive hunting and gathering, Forrest found one of the best ways to study and appreciate the aquatic world is through responsible sustainable harvest of his own proteins by becoming part of the food chain via freedive spear fishing. Forrest is a skilled freediver and renowned spear fisherman with 3 world records to his name.

At the age of 28 Forrest has traveled and dove in over 46 countries worldwide. He’s stayed everywhere — from tiny uncharted islands to the most glamorous of yachts. In his attempts to get closer to nature, he has been on featured on televison, hospitalized, shot at, chased, mauled by a lion, bitten by a shark, dodged the biggest storm in Australia’s history, caught giant crocodiles, stung by a stingray and of course written articles for the greatest spearfishing publication in the world, Spearing Magazine, and Forrest loves every minute of it.

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