This piece of equipment really got my attention over a year ago as master gun builder John Ippolito detailed his plan to build an all in one “Gun rack” that could hold four guns, both reef and blue-water, four sets of fins, gloves four masks, as well as, multiple spare shafts.

I’ll be honest, as John continued to pile equipment to the list of what this “idea” for a gun rack would hold, I had my doubts. Lets be real, thats a ton of gear and he wanted to make it light AND totally removable. I had high hopes; but wasn’t sold it could be done.

Fast forward over a year, UPS drops a box on the doorstep and would ya look at that, John pulled it off. Literally, the Koah Spear Kaddy will clear the deck of four divers’ gear. Just as he had stated over a year prior, the Kaddy will hold four plus sets of fins, four guns, multiple masks, gloves, snorkels and more. Add in six spare shaft holders and you can quickly keep your deck totally clear, organized and safe with this one awesome product.

First impressions were really good. It was clear John had designed, re-designed and continued to push the envelope on this product. Super durable and well built were my second impressions. Obviously he beat up on the test units as this thing is bomb proof.

Keeping a clear deck is more than just a neurotic tendency for me. For me it’s about safety and efficiency. If there are guns, gear and crap all over the deck, the likely hood of something getting stepped on, broken or worst a shaft kicked and everyones day is over. Keeping the boat deck clear of clutter and pointy shafts is what the Koah Spear Kaddy was designed for and it checks the boxes perfectly.

I immediately made my way out to the boat, Koah Spear Kaddy in hand, to figure out where I wanted to mount it on our new 26 Twin Vee. Spot after spot left me underwhelmed. This had nothing to do with the Kaddy and everything to do with me being a bit neurotic. After an hour I finally caved to the fact that on my specific vessel I was limited to where I could mount the kaddy.

Then it hit me: go up! I made a call to John first to get his thoughts, as he normally does he thought I was overthinking it, and maybe he’s right but he assured me it was strong enough to handle my plan.

After a week worth of jabbing up some rod holder mounts to plates and attaching them to the mounts supplied by Koah, I had a kaddy that would slide right into two rod holders above my live-well setup.

If keeping your dive vessel clean and organized between spots, as well as, keeping the thousands of dollars worth of guns and gear safe and out of the way we highly recommend you head over to and order up your Koah Spear Kaddy.