Words by Jade King

If someone asked me, “Why do you love spearfishing?” I wouldn’t be able to answer with one word. I started diving after a near fatal accident while participating in a former sport I had competed in for 7 years. Diving opened a whole new world to me that I never knew was there. I loved it there was nothing else I wanted to do; until someone handed me a spear gun. I started shooting lionfish and realized I needed more excitement than that. A friend gave me an old JBL spear gun and I shot my first hogfish. Right then I knew this is what I wanted to do.

Pulling the trigger for the first time gave me a rush of adrenaline I had never felt before. After a while I wanted more than that. So, I went on Paul Varian’s boat because my dad knew him personally from a long time ago. I really didn’t know how serious this sport was until I talked to some of his customers, I was so amazed by their stories that I wanted to learn and get better. So I started diving off Paul’s boat more often and realized it was time to get a better gun so I got an AB Biller. That gun shot my first grouper and other species besides hogfish. I also realized that I was the youngest on these boats doing what I’m doing and NOT just like some girls holding up other divers’ fish. I have made friends with people I look up to, want to shoot like and have learned a lot about the commercial spearfishing world.

jade2I have traveled to the Bahamas and landed my first fish in the islands as well as shooting in the Florida Keys a lot. I hopefully am going to travel more places soon like the Gulf and the Middle Grounds. I love shooting and I look forward every weekend to heading out with the “crazy people” I have become so close with. I am shooting what I never thought I could shoot with people I never thought I’d be with. I have some companies that have reached out to me to rep. some gear and I have been featured in the Observer newspaper for catch of the week which I never imagined happening to me. I am so grateful for what has happened and even on bad days it just encourages me to try and work harder.