jesscrips I grew up in Cronulla, Australia a beautiful beachside suburb of Sydney surrounded by one of the cleanest water ways and beaches in Sydney. I took my first steps on our family boat and the first solid food I ate was mud crab. When we were at the beach I was always swimming and snorkeling around in dads oversized mask, it would leak constantly and I would suck in copious amounts of seawater in the process of what I now know as ‘clearing my mask’. When I wasn’t in the water I could always be found on the back of the boat fishing, even when it was docked.

Unfortunately my mum’s side of the family is horrified by the ocean thanks to my Grandfather who was in the Navy and would tell horror stories of the sharks he would see during his tours. Luckily for me these horror stories only made the ocean seem even more exciting. When I turned sixteen, Dad paid for my SCUBA ticket and I loved it. Dad used to spearfish and I was always fascinated by the odd speargun under the house. One day I finally pulled it out and went to have it repaired but instead bought a new one for half the price. Off I went, bikini clad with my small speargun, knife strapped to my leg and plastic milk bottles for floats. My first dive was at Oak Park, one of the most speared spots in Sydney. Needless to say I didn’t have much luck. I needed a few tips on spearfishing…. and then came along Michael who taught me pretty much everything I know.

Best fish:

  • Yellowfin Tuna 42kgs (92lbs)
  • Wahoo 20.5kgs (Women’s Australian Record)
  • Dog Snapper 10kgs (22lbs)
  • Yellowfin Grouper 8.5kg (18lbs)
  • Tiger Grouper 7kg (15lbs)
  • Longnose Emperor