Words by Cole Cervantes

390166_337010416325913_1997533752_n-RMedit Ever since I was little, about six or seven, my dad would tell me spearfishing stories from back when he used to live and spearfish in Puerto Rico. Since then I wanted to try spearfishing, so finally when I was nine years old, I was able to buy a little gun (JBL Mini Carbine.) With that little 30-inch gun, I shot my first fish which was a bar jack that weighed no more than one pound. I was hooked on the sport and will be for the rest of my life. Soon, that little gun got old and I got my first Riffe to shoot real fish. Since I got that first Riffe, I have purchased three more and plan to stick with their products because of the amazing quality and strength. My brother and I go spearfishing here in Southern California just about every weekend and create great memories that I will never forget. Two summers ago my family went to Palapas Ventana in La Paz on our first bluewater trip, and that is where I had my best day on the water; I shot 7 dorado in one day!

Cole cervantes-RMedit My favorite fish to shoot locally in SoCal are sheepshead, all species of bass, white seabass, halibut, and yellowtail. My favorite fish to shoot outside of California are grouper, snapper, hogfish, and all species of jacks. I dream to shoot big tuna, wahoo, amberjack, and African pompano. I love spearfishing so much because it takes me away from my busy life and lets me relax. I just love that rush that I get when I line up my gun on a big fish and know that I will be bringing it home to show my parents. The most amazing place in the world to spearfish for me is Honduras because of its perfectly clear and warm waters, the amazing reefs, and abundance of fish to shoot. Although the clear warm waters are extremely fun to spearfish, I also really enjoy spearfishing the cold, low vis waters here on the west coast because it is just more of a challenge, and forces me to strengthen my techniques.

One day I hope to be as good of a spearfisher as Cameron Kirkconnell and be a member of the Riffe team. I will definitely be spearfishing for the rest of my life, and pass it on to my kids because it is the best sport in the world.