justinI am a 32-year-old Fort Pierce born and living, Florida native who has been spearfishing for roughly eight years. I got into the sport the summer that I gave up the playboy/party lifestyle for good; I had to find something to do since I had a lot more idle time. Since surfing was my first passion and the waves had gone flat it seemed like a natural progression so I started swimming off the beach for lobster and brought a three prong pole spear along to try to shoot some fish, that’s where my new addiction began. My favorite place to dive is at home whenever the viz is clear followed by an extremely close second place Bahamas. My sponsors for diving include Real Sea Marine Camo, Moana Waterman carbon fins, Speared Apparel, Mud Energy Gels and Spearing Magazine. I feel extremely blessed to be supported for doing something that I love that also puts food on the table. If I had to explain my life in short, it virtually revolves around a marine forecast.