I want to teach more people how to Freedive safety than any other person on the planet. There I said it.

Last year at the Blue Wild expo around midnight of the first night, Chris Bustad PFI Instructor Trainer said, what are your goals for Immersion?   I thought for a second and realized I had none. Immersion was rocking and rolling.

So I sat there for a bit with I’m sure a dumb look on my face for a bit and eventually said, “I want spearfisherman to stop killing themselves.” It is so frustrating to keep reading about this for the past ten years when it is so easily prevented.

 Myself, Spearing Magazine, and all the other Freediving Instructors have been working hard to create a safety-first mentally among spearfisherman, and it’s starting to work.

The next day of the show Sheri Daye told me she wanted me to give a short presentation on Freediving Safety. I said how short, she said 15 minutes.  I thought 15 minutes what the heck?I normally get an hour.   Eventually, I realized when Sherri Daye is offering me stage time the correct answer is thank you may I have another.

I arrive 10 minutes early to plan out my presentation. While this is happening Sheri is talking, and I’m paying ZERO attention to what she is saying.  I get my speech sorted, and I walk to the side of the stage, and I’m listening to her talk. At that point, she looks at me and says come on stage Ted.  I look on stage I see a giant $2,500 check, I see some big award, and everyone is standing up clapping.  I’ve given many a safety presentation, and they never stand up and start clapping before I begin or when I end for that matter.

I go on stage and realize I have won some award, but I have no idea what for as I didn’t hear a word of what she said.  She hands me the mic and says do you have anything to say?  I told her I’m not usually speechless, she chuckles and then I say can I just give my presentation?

Later I came to find out that I had won an award the Dimitris Kollias award for promoting freediving safety to the freediving and spearfishing community, so my presentation was quite fitting.

That night I think about what I told Chris. Then it all becomes clear. I call Francesca Koe and ask who I should hire to build FreedivingSafety.com.  I then hire two professional video guys to come to the house and film everything in my pool.

Nine months later I launched www.FreedivingSafety.com.  

It is an online resource that teaches you the risks of the sport, safe freediving practices, discussion of the fatality numbers in the sport, how to tell if you are overweighted, and what to do if your buddy has a loss of motor control or a blackout….and it’s FREE.

If you want to get better at freediving, you have to pay for that and take a course. If you want to learn how to not kill yourself and save your buddy if something goes wrong, I don’t want that hidden behind a paywall. I want ANYBODY who is smart enough to understand this is useful information to have access to that information from a trusted and reliable source.

If learning how to not kill yourself or save your buddy is not motivation enough to visit the site I will bribe you.  There is a quiz in the course. If you pass the quiz you will get emailed discounts code from some of the biggest names in the sport. Gannet Dive Company and Speared Apparel to name a few.

Throughout the course, I repeatedly say this is not a substitute for taking a Freediving class, but it does give Freedivers access to a lot of life-saving information that they didn’t have access to before visiting the site.

When you run across people on facebook saying I’m new to spearfishing what gun do you recommend, please consider saying visit www.FreedivingSafety.com first then sign up for a Freediving class, and then give your gun recommendation.