E-SeaRider, makers of the original marine-grade bean bag now offer several NEW options with the same quality you’ve enjoyed for years.

  • Screen-printing
  • Embossing
  • Carbon Fiber Vinyl

E-SeaRider now offers same-day shipping for in-stock bean bags




Rep your brand in style with custom printed, insulated fish bags. The new “Wahoo” size from customfishbags.com will keep those XL full moon ono’s in top sushi grade!

Easy to carry, extremely sturdy, and holds ice for 3 days.

Available in plain white or custom printed options available.


GATKU 3pc Travel-Friendly EIGHT’ER


Performance and durability that fit. 8 feet of pole spear in your suitcase.

It took us a long time to design a pole spear that breaks down into more than two sections that still has the Gatku speed. Every time we make a design change we ask ourselves, “Is this still the Ferrari of pole spears?” We’re happy with this one.

  • 30” breakdown length
  • Fast as our 2pc EIGHT’ER…and more durable.
  • Made in USA!






Hatch Customs USA


Chamber Snorkel

The Chamber Snorkel is our latest and most advanced snorkel. 

It features a splash reducer at the tip for swimming in choppy conditions. 

This way water just trickles down the barrel into the collection chamber where it can easily be purged with a hard blow.

This keeps your mouth dry and comfortable.

MSRP $30.00


Mystique GoPro Mask

This mask features medium-low airspace with a soft skirt for extreme comfort and fit.

It has a Mystique Red frame for high visibility at the surface but changes color at depth.

It comes with a complimentary GoPro Mounting bracket so you can record your experience.

MSRP $40.00



The Paralenz Freediver Camera is the only true Dive Camera.

3 features you need to know about and remember:

1. Auto Record: Starts recording as soon as you start your dive and stops when you surface.

2. DCC or Depth Color Correction automatically corrects the color no matter what depth you are at.

3. Depth and temperature watermark. On your videos it will display your depth and temperature.

MSRP $595

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Marker 27

Handmade Swimwear


Facbook Marker 27

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OMER America


Invictus HF/Carbon

Powerful and versatile gun with a 3 band muzzle able to accommodate up to 18mm bands.   

  • Hydro-formed Cuttlefish barrel shape or carbon fiber barrel
  • Stainless steel trigger mechanism and housing
  • Can accommodate a shaft up to 7.5mm


Aqua Mask

The Aqua mask has been designed and developed as a tool for deep spearfishing and freediving. It has an extremely low inner volume.

  • Ultra low volume
  • Decreased weight
  • Soft Silicone skirt
  • Textured nose for easy equalization



UP-SN1 Snorkel

Soft snorkel with a hard central ridge to increase comfort. Floats to be easily retrieved after being left at the surface or if lost.

  • Semi rigid backbone
  • Floats





AquaPak Backpack:

Whether by land or by sea, travel wet-weather prepared with the all new PELAGIC AquaPak 30L Backpack featuring a convenient roll top closure, waterproof zippers, and reinforced handles & straps. Constructed in our PVC Dri-Core material to provide essential waterproof protection, the AquaPak Backpack assures you are always ready for an onslaught of moisture. Pair with the AquaPak Duffel Bag for the 

ultimate travel combination of waterproof gear protection.


  • Capacity: 30L // Dimensions: 13″x6″x24″
  • Waterproof Dry-Bag Technology
  • Heavy Duty PVC Dri-Core
  • Waterproof Zippers
  • Easy Access Storage
  • Reinforced, Load-Bearing Handles & Straps

MSRP: $149.00



PELAGIC POLARIZED SUNGLASSES – Pursuit – Green Dorado/Blue Mirror: 

Frame: The PURSUIT is a maximum coverage frame combining style, performance, and comfort.

 Lens: PELAGIC PMG™ (Polarized Mineral Glass) Lens Technology represents the highest evolution in marine grade polarized optics. Produced in state-of-the-art European Optical Laboratories, this lens material was specifically developed for “life on the water” where harsh, salty, and ever-changing conditions can often persist for days on end.


  • ZG3X Zero-Glare Polarization
  • Tuff-Lens Scratch Proof
  • Anti-Reflective Lens Coating
  • Flex-Hinge 2-way Flexible Hinge
  • Grip-Tex Non-Slip Nose and Temple Pads

MSRP: $249.00