The majority of spearfishermen have a legitimate amount of money tied up in spearfishing equipment, but on average the largest investment is your boat. We spend hours each season doing maintenance, washing and waxing after each trip and keeping our vessels up to snuff for those long runs offshore. No matter how stedfast we are trying to keep them in tip top shape, the harsh summer sun, salt and elements battle against us the entire way.

As always we love introducing our readers to new and innovative products and this segment is no different. After a few months of research we stumbled across Coastline Boatlift Covers based in Ft Myers Florida. 

Coastline is the premium boatlift cover manufacturer in the USA and has been covering boats since 2008.They manufacture boatlift covers and shade solutions that are 100% custom fit to your boat, lift or even on land storage. The covers are made of 100% aluminum construction with SS hardware to ensure they last. The cover material used is a commercial grade marine vinyl available in dozens of colors. Each top has 2’ wide straps that are vulcanized AND sewn with bulletproof Dyneema thread. All grommets are zinc coated to ensure they don’t corrode and leave you with a weak connection point.

In 2018 Coastline was purchased by Keegan Weeks, he quickly realized that everyone in coastal communities had a need for his product and began offering distributorships around the country. Up until this point, Coastline had been primarily focusing on the SW Florida market and sold thousands of tops but lacked marketing and educating potential customers what their tops were and how they could benefit from them. Many counties vary wildly when it comes to building regulations for boatlift covers; so Coastline took the time to engineer a way to ensure their covers could be installed in all but the most strict counties. 

You see when it comes to county and state building code the problem is simple. The permanent structure must meet the wind zone of which it is located within. In Florida that is typically 135-165MPH. Building a cover that can hold up in 135+ mph winds can be done BUT a new problem arises, uplift. Essentially the cover becomes a sail and based on the large square footage of the cover it has enough uplift to pull the pilings clean out of the ground or bottom they are drilled into and possibly take your boat with it.

Coastline solved this problem by requiring that the vinyl be removed in winds that exceed 70mph. They as well as their distributors offer a service to come out and remove the vinyl portion of the cover and replace it after a storm for a reasonable fee. 

In addition Coastline also sorted out how to properly attach the cover to the actual boatlift. Other cover manufacturers choose to through bolt their covers directly to the boat lift I-beams. This method causes a number of problems both structurally as well as legally in many counties.

First the structural issue. Currently there is not a single lift manufacturer on the market that designs their boatlift beams to be drilled through and through bolted. This is mainly because it weakens the lift and will quickly turn a 10k lb lift into a 4k lb lift. It’s important to understand that drilling and through bolting will instantly void your lift warranty.  Coastline has worked around this by utilizing a Z bar clamp method of attaching the boatlift cover structure to the lift I-beams at four locations per side. This method does not void your lift warranty OR weaken your lift.

Second let’s discuss building codes. You see once you drill and through bolt a cover to your lift it is considered a permanent structure in most counties. Many of which do NOT allow permanent structures within 15ft of the mean high tide line or seawall. Coastline, utilizing the Z bar clamp method is considered a temporary structure because it does not alter the lift in any way. Being considered a temporary structure affords the Coastline lift covers the ability to not fall under the codes or restrictions each county imposes on permanent structures.

Protecting your boat from the sun, dew and elements can save you thousands annually on maintenance and repairs. If you are interested in a boatlift cover or would like to become a distributor we highly recommend contacting Coastline at or give them a call at 239-994-3047.