You’re 60 miles offshore, hitting your favorite spots, shooting fish, and having a great time. You take a break around lunch to hydrate and get some food in your system to finish the day out strong. Spirits among the crew are high as you discuss where to head to next. The decision is made and you turn the key or hit the start button and…click. Now what?

Typically a situation like this would suck. Extremely bad. Best case, you have Boat US or SeaTow and they can get to you within a few sweltering hours. Worst case, the batteries are so dead that you’ve lost power to electronics and VHF radio, and you are too far offshore for cell service. What if I told you that this was no big deal if you only had one product on board?

Let me introduce you to Rugged Geek and their line of intelligent battery-based jump starters.  

Rugged Geek was founded by a group of Geeks who wanted products that fit their lifestyle. They set out to design, develop and deliver quality products that are not only innovative, but useful (Geeky and Rugged, in other words). They are analytical and technical in their approach to product development (the Geek side) and combine that with a realistic and practical design side (the Rugged side) to bring you products that meet the tech needs of the modern consumer.


• INTELLIBOOST Jumper Cables for safe, easy and risk-free Jump Starting.

• USB and Laptop Charging from two high-power USB ports and one laptop port.

• Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight with Steady On, Strobe and SOS Modes for additional safety, protection and convenience.

• Clear, digital LCD display offers all the vital info you need at a glance including charge and output levels/voltage

Rugged Geek utilizes the most current technology in each of their units.  Only the best, top grade, high-discharge, matched lithium cells are used in each of their products to ensure safety and plenty of power to jump your boat back to life. Because of these features, each unit will hold a full charge for over a year when not used. In addition, you can jump-start a typical outboard up to ten times on a single charge. We have haven’t left the dock once without making sure it is on board since receiving it. 

Not only are Rugged Geek products tough on the inside, they are also designed for the rigors of offshore pounding on the outside. Covered in a non-skid rubber shell, the Rugged Geek boosters stay in place when in use, even in rocking seas and wet surfaces. 

The various models available from Rugged Geek are already making huge news in the off-road and auto markets, but we are here to tell you this is giant for the boating industry. On many trips, we have utilized our Rugged Geek model RG2000 Sport to charge GoPro and camera batteries as well as cell phones while offshore. Even when charging multiple devices for a few hours in total, the Rugged Geek RG2000 still has plenty of juice left to start our twin Suzuki APX200s over and over. For overnight Bahamas trips, this thing is invaluable. Smartly packaged in its own case and easily portable, there is no excuse not to own such a useful and well-made product. Starting as low as $109.00, this is one insurance policy you can’t afford to miss. Visit and order yours today.